Submarine Control Systems

The first choice supplier of submarine control system design and development.

Meeting the challenge of future submarine control

Through close collaboration with major shipbuilders and integrators, we provide world-class autopilot algorithms and software for submarines and have developed a unique capability in the specification, design and implementation of submarine autopilots and hover systems, supported by our advanced modelling capabilities to simulate whole-boat performance.

Furthermore, based on our solid reputation for innovation and technological advancements within the submarine industry, we have created Full Authority Submarine Control (FASC) – a new concept in submarine control. FASC is Stirling’s next generation submarine control product, combining previously distinct submarine control tasks into one automated system that provides several compelling benefits to helmsman operation and designers.

Due to its open architecture, the FASC system can be easily integrated to either replace legacy hardware or included in a new design. FASC also offers benefits both for operators of large submarines and small submersible vehicles.

Key Features and Benefits of FASC

  • A more-powerful platform

    The optimised performance in all conditions and operational scenarios due to integrated hydroplane and ballast control leads to reduced control complexity, leading to reduced operator workload and manning. Improved safety by integration of the safety manoeuvring envelope into the control algorithm with visual and tactile feedback to the helmsman thought the active control sidestick when limits are being approached.

  • Lower lifetime costs

    Continuous automatic monitoring of systems coupled with the FASC algorithms provides optimised operation of actuators for the sub-systems; rudder, fwd and aft hydroplane, compensation tank flow, fwd/aft Trim tank flow. This leads to reduced duty cycles for each system with commensurate benefits to maintenance and replacement costs.

  • Increased operator performance and reduced operator error

    Coupling the command to the control sub-systems through automatic control has immediate advantages in reducing helmsman workload and fatigue; major factors contributing to operator performance. The command to the control surfaces, pumps and valves is seamlessly delivered from the FASC system leaving the helmsman to provide top-level command, free from the complexity of past control inputs.

  • Remote or failure operation

    The submarine or submersible remains operational in the event of primary steering position failure by operation from an alternate location on the boat. The use of active controls and the FASC visuals provides immediate notification should control be attempted from other locations. If a control surface or pump system is comprised, then the FASC system automatically reconfigures to provide optimum control.